4 surah in Quran teach us how to react in certain situations

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Quran is the complete code of life. It teaches us how to live and how to react in certain situations. Allah has addressed us regarding every problem that may arise in our lives. Regardless, professional or personal. Indeed, no problem is left to be unevaluated in the Quran.

Quran is not an ordinary book that you may read and let go of. It is a guide to lead a perfect life. Every practicing Muslim reflects the preaching of Islam and obeys the path determined by the messengers of Allah.


Surah Al Yaseen is said to be the “Heart of Quran”. It is the most respected and admired surah amongst all. Muslims recite it, memorize it, and understand its meaning to seek guidance.

Our beloved Prophet Mohammad PBUH said: “Indeed, everything has a heart and Yaseen is the heart of the Quran. I would it to be in the heart of every believer.” -Al-Sabuni vol.2

“One who recites Surah Al Yaseen wholeheartedly, his sins are forgiven.”

“Whoever recites Surah Al-Yasin in the middle of the night, asking Allah for the pardoning of his sins, Allah will absolve him.” -Ibn Hibban.

When a person has this thought of forgiveness, he can lead a life with a new beginning. It is the mercy of Allah that you can start a new journey whenever you want. You don’t need to worry whether Allah will forgive you or not. He can and He surely will.


Surah Al Kahf is the most renowned and esteemed Surah of the Quran. Reciting Surah Al Kahf every Friday is one of the auspicious Sunnah’s of Friday. Our prophet Mohammad PBUH said:

“Those who memorized first 10 verses of Surah Al Kahf, will be protected against the Dajjal” -Sahi Muslim.

It is also stated that “a person who recites Surah Al Kahf every Friday will be secured from all fitnah happening around for eight days.” -Al-Mukhtaar

We, as an observing Muslims, owes a duty of reciting, understanding and, implementing the teachings of Islam in our daily lives. This Surah gives us a message that whoever stays on the right path and sticks to implement what is right, Allah will help him. It can change our behavior to respond in certain situations.


One of the most beneficial Surah of the Noble Quran is Surah Al Rehman. It is the solution to daily life problems and cures for every disease.

The Surah can be recited by parents for continuous 21 days if they want their kid to get married. Recite Durood-e-Ibrahim before and after Surah Rehman.

No doubt Surah Al-Rehman heals the patients. It is proven by many types of research. Patients suffering from Diabetes, cancer, hepatitis, kidney diseases, and heart problems have reported drastic changes in their health after listening to Surah Al-Rehman daily.

Surah Al-Rehman can also restore the peace of the soul. According to the hadith,” if a person recites Surah Al-Rehman early in the morning, an angel keeps its record until evening and if he recites it at night, Allah orders an angel to protect you till you awaken.”

Surah Al Rehman will be our kind human at the day of judgment, it will protect a person when he is alive and after death. No doubt, reciting Surah Al Rehman will help to reduce our daily tensions and live a relaxed life.


The greatest blessing of Allah among all is Surah Al Mulk. This Surah is said to be the light at the end of the tunnel. Indeed, it shows a way to a person who is searching for the right pathway.

Our dearest Prophet Muhammad PBUH said,” Surah Mulk will protect his reciter from the penalizing in the grave.”

He also said,” On the final day of discernment, Surah Mulk will step in and ask for forgiveness for its reader until a person is allowed to enter in Jannah.”-Tarmidi

The magnitude of the blessings of Surah Mulk is far from our imaginations. We can’t imagine how much we can be benefitted from this Surah. It is also said that if a person recites Surah Al Mulk before going to bed, an angel protects him all night.


Try to take out at least 10 minutes daily to recite the Quran and seek forgiveness. Also, understand the message and think about what Allah is saying. You will feel a difference in your life. The problem will no longer remain a problem.


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