9 Techniques You Should Do To Memorize The Holy Quran

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Memorization of the Holy Quran is called “Hifz”. After memorizing the Holy Quran one does not forget it. Allah says; “And We have certainly made the Holy Quran easy for remembrance, so is there any who will remember?” “Hifz” or memorization of the Quran is a vision for every true Muslim. Though most sisters and brothers carp that because of their daily chaotic schedules, they cannot save time to memorize the Quran however, there are some techniques to Hifz Quran:

1- Seek Allah’s guidance and help:

Before you actually start memorizing Quran, compose yourself enough to stay determined howsoever the journey becomes difficult for you. Seek Allah’s guidance and help in this regard. Repeatedly recite the favorite prayers of Holy Prophet (PBUH), “عِلْماً زِدْنِي ربِّ”

2- Select a proper institute and a teacher for this purpose:

The importance of an institution and a teacher in the life of a student cannot be overemphasized. Both act as accelerators and catalysts in the performance and success of a student. So, the most important thing to do at the initial level is to select a good and proper institution and a teacher or teachers.

3- Set up an Early wake-up routine:

It is a medically proven fact that in the morning, the potential of the human brain to memorize things is highest. So, wake up early in the morning, and after offering the Fajar prayer start memorizing Quran. Make it your routine and instead of wasting your time on other activities like listening to songs or surfing the internet utilize your maximum time in this righteous cause.

4- Daily Goal-setting technique to memorize:

Set your daily goal that how many pages you are going to memorize. The number of pages may be one, two or more depending upon your stamina. Give fewer minutes at the start and then slowly and gradually increase the time and pages as well. It will be helpful to memorize easily.

5- Utilize Repetition Technique:

Initially, you will obviously come across unusual verses. Therefore, to memorize such unfamiliar verses you should recite it repetitively, louder, or whispering and after this write down on paper and keep doing this practice on daily basis. Repeat them regularly in order to keep in your long term memory.

6- Keep Revising the verses the whole day:

The whole day whenever you get spare time and apart from that when you are busy with house chores you can recall those verses and repeat those in your heart to keep in your long-term memory. Try to put these verses in your handbag or in the pocket in case if you forget any verse or feel the need to have a look at them.

7- Recite learned verses in every Prayer:

To further strengthen what you are learning into memory, you can recite every day verses in the five daily prayers. This will serve a dual purpose, one, you will be rewarded by Allah Almighty and on the other hand, you will be revising your targeted Ayaahs.

8- Adopt a Distraction-free Environment:

It is better to avoid the use of cell phones, laptops,s, and other technologies while memorizing Quran. This may lead to distraction and will eventually prove to be a hindrance to this righteous cause.

9- Memorize Quran knowing the meaning and interpretation of it:

The best way to make memorizing the Quran easy is to read translation and interpretation of the Ayaahs selected as the target of a day. This will serve a dual purpose. On one hand, you will get to know the gist of the Quran and you will be learning Quran with more interest and on the other hand, you will be rewarded by God.

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