Arabic language : Why is Quran spreading so fast in 2020 ?

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Arabic language is the most widespread language in all over the world, that the millions of people of the blue planet

are pronounced. More of speakers who speak it are distributed in the arabic nation .Beside of the other several

regions, individuals, and groups in different regions, So it is considered the fourth among the most widespread and

utilized language in all over the world after English,Frensh and Deutch, Also more numbers of people across

websites speak Arabic.

Arabic language is language of the great heavenly religion

so it has the major importance for all Muslims especially and the humanity as a general.

Muslims considered it as a holy language because it is the language of their writing , the holy qur’an, worship and

the religious rituals. Not only Muslims use it in their religious rituals but also more of churches in the arabic nation .

It is widespread in the whole blue planet because of it’s religious position and synchronization with Islam, and it is

where the muslim is ,as language of science ,knowledge and culture. The position of the arabic language is appeared

with the spreading of Islam inside countries, where it is became the language of science and literature for long

centuries in the lands that muslims judged.

Not only the reason of arabic language spreading is the religion

but also it’s capacity to contain all sciences like :Medicine ,Engineerig,Physics and Astronomy by their corporators

like : “Abbas Ibn Firnas” – “Al Hassan Ibnel Haythm” -Ibn Roshd” .

The simplicity ,derivation capacity and synonyms of this language make it an elastic and obedient language in the

han of all Scientists ;so it was the guide and humanity Learner in all fields of science without any contested.

Not only it affected on the humanity to transfer and keep sciences

but also it affected and was affected with the other language like Turkish, Persian and another language that

interacted with it ,where the linguistic researches recorded it.

Arabic language is a native language for all Arabic nations and other countries took it as a native language . Also it is

one of the sixth languages in the UNESCO. It celebrated with the national day of the Arabic language in 18

December .as a memory of it’s certification in the UNESCO as one of the sixth languages.

It is a rich language because it has an Arabic Dictionary for ” Ibn Manzoor” that involves more than 80 thousands

linguistic materials compare with the English Dictionary of Samuel Johnson which involve 42 thousands words.

Arabic language contains 28 written alphabets ,some linguistics see that it must add Hamza to the alphabets; to

become 29 alphabets . It is write form the right to left like Persian and Jewish languages opposite to some of

international languages, and it is writed from up to down .

All what we mentioned it previously, emphasize the importance of the Arabic language the carrier of the sciences

and cultures across ages, it explains the crowd of Muslims and non Muslims all over the world to study this

language and make a pause in all it’s secrets and make it the way of their knowledge , science ,religious sciences and

life sciences. So it is like a container of knowledge and science across ages and times.

Translated by:
Dr. Hanan Shouhdy

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