Behavior Modification : How does Quran Affect Your Child ?

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Behavior Modification: How does Quran Affect Your Child,

They merely disapproved of our actions and were hoping to prevent us from repeating them in the future

Behavior modification refers to the techniques used to try and decrease or increase a particular type of behavior or

reaction. This might sound very technical, but it’s used very frequently by all of us. Parents use this to teach their

children right from wrong. Therapists use it to promote healthy behaviors in their patients. Animal trainers use it to

develop obedience between a pet and its owner. We even use it in our relationships with friends and significant

others, Our responses to them teach them what we like and what we don’t.


Based on the obtained findings in this study but, it can be concluded; First, generally, the Islamic

approachand CBM the approach is effective to increase adolescent abilities to manage anger, The effectiveness is

demonstrated by achieving the indicators that have been specified in the provision of treatment with both

approaches, such as an increase in the understanding of angry, a reduction of angry experience frequency, and

the intensity of strength, as well as a change in the behavior of the participants, when they get mad at themselves, to

a more appropriate form of the behavior to respond to the situations that provoke the anger emotions

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