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In December 2019, the first novel strain of Coronavirus was detected in Wuhan, a city of China, and since then, the

lives of people worldwide have changed. This small infectious virus started spreading from a province of 11 million

populations to the whole world with an outbreak of pneumonia and without any apparent cause. It crossed

territories across the globe and caused the pandemic situation worldwide, shutting down the entire earth and getting

everyone isolated in their place for a year now.

With the fast outspread of the Coronavirus, there was a tragic increase in the number of deaths. At the starting point,

people got infected, and most of them lost their lives. There were very few who got recovered. But it is perfectly true

to say that the Coronavirus has scared people, and it is nowhere seen to be gone anytime soon.

Living with it

Coronavirus brought considerable changes to our lives. Humans, who have to do different activities together, were

isolated to their homes. They have nothing to do but to stay at their places and wait until it goes and their lives get

back to normal. Even the lives of people who didn’t get infected with this virus became miserable. Necessities of life

were not in reach, and people lost their jobs, which was their bread source. But we got no option left. All we have to

do was to keep ourselves and our families safe and survive. Gradually, people learned to live with it.

Coronavirus and Islam

Here, people must have started thinking about the link or connection between Islam and Coronavirus and how they

are related? Well, fellow Muslims and other people, Islam is a religion with complete guidance to every situation. All

of this guidance is mention in the Holy Quran. During this pandemic situation, we got a lot of spare time and nothing

to do at all. And the fear caused by Corona has turned us more towards Allah, to seek His help and blessings. We got

more time to learn more about Islam, get more close to Allah, and strengthen our relationship with Him. And we all

know most of us have been practicing and learning more about Islam during the pandemic.

Islam guides us on how to deal with the situation like this when infectious diseases spread worldwide. This situation

is not new to earth, but contagious diseases go back to the early time of monotheism. At this moment, one confusion

might arise that the guidance that is written thousands of years ago, how can it help us with modern problems? As

Muslims, we have a strong belief, and we know that Quran has the guidance of all ages. In today’s current time, the

Quran and Islam’s help in early times can still be used. We all have been taught since birth that the teachings of

Quran, Islam, and Prophet Muhammad ﷺ are universal and for the people of all ages and time.

How to practice Islam amid Pandemic?

Islam is not a very strict religion. It relaxes its followers in certain situations where it is needed. Even in this

pandemic, you can freely practice your religion just like regular times. Instead, you can do it better than other days.

You will see that this pandemic situation will not be any hindrance between you and your practice of Islam. Let’s

discuss few practices of Islam:

• Mosques and Prayers:

We know that men are supposed to offer their prayers in mosques in the form of Jam’aat, and women should offer

their prayers at home. But considering human health and safety, mosques were closed during COVID. In a situation

like these, Islam allows men to offer their prayers at home. And it is better when offering prayers at home; you offer

it in the form of jam’aat with your family as per Islamic rules. Allah will reward you equally and will accept your

prayer. We got the chance to pray on time, regardless of the world’s problems, compared to times when we all were

busy with worldly things and did not pay attention to our prayers.

But slowly, mosques around the world started opening with all the SOPs being followed, and people have begun to

pray in them with six feet of distance.

• Ramzan, Pilgrimage and Eids

All of these have been a significant part of Islam. Without Ramzan, Pilgrimage and Eids, our Islam is incomplete. But

how do we practice it during Islam? This year, Ramzan, pilgrimage, and Eids, happened to be in the pandemic, and

all of us learned how to practice them under this situation. We adopted ourselves according to the problem and

continue to go through them.

During Ramzan, we stayed at home and did fasting for Allah. Similarly, pilgrimage also happened, but only people

who lived there were allowed to perform. Eids are special celebrations in Islam; we usually celebrate them with

families and going to each other’s place with gifts. But this year, all of this celebration was kept limited to audio and

video calls.

• Cleanliness and Hygiene

Cleanliness is half part of our Islam. Islam has given very importance to cleanliness and hygiene. We must make

ourselves clean by doing ablution (wudu) before offering prayers or reciting Quran. Before prayers and Quran, Islam

has also shown us how beneficial and rewarding it is to stay in wudu all the time.

And this is what was required during the pandemic situation and prevented you from getting infected with this virus.

Doctors all over the world are requesting people to keep themselves clean and sanitized all the time. And this is how

Islam has helped us. We need to do ablution five times a day before every prayer.

• Other practices

It mentioned in Islam that we should visit and take care of sick people. When you cannot see someone, send them

a kind message or make a call to tell them that you are with them even in this difficult time. We have learned through

Islam that we do not hurt others in any case. So if you get infected with the virus, isolate yourself from others so

others do not get infected from you. You are putting them in danger as well. Precautions and cures both are

encouraged in Islam.
Islam is the religion of hope. And losing hope considered as Kufr (denial of truth) in Islam. Allah does not like such

people. Just keep yourselves calm and pray for His mercy and help.

All of us must obey the instructions given to us by our rulers. In the pandemic’s challenging conditions, the

authorities have to make difficult decisions to protect people from infectious diseases.

Islam highly appreciates these and other few little practices; make sure you follow them.


Muslims and all other people must follow the instructions given to them by their government officials, social

distancing, self-isolation, following the SOPs, and personal hygiene.

Islam is a flexible religion. Follow the Holy Prophet’s path (PBUH), and you will get to know there are no rules that

are against human nature. For every situation, we have instructions and guidelines with us. Follow them and stay



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