E-Maqraa For Teaching Quran

E-Maqraa For Teaching Quran

The Holy Quran is an integral part of our daily lives, and while electronic platforms vary that include all fields, it has become easy to use Internet technologies to facilitate the distance learning process for all those interested in reading, reciting, and reciting the Holy Quran, but what is the meaning of the E-Maqraa For Teaching Quran? What are its objectives, advantages, and ways to register in it, we learn about this in this article.


What is E-Maqraa For Teaching Quran?

E-Maqraa For Teaching Quran is a system or administration aimed at electronic memorization of the Qur’an, and it also brings together those wishing to learn the Qur’an, and those wishing to the education process itself, to shorten the way for teachers and learners, which contributes to reducing the cost for all parties.


E-Maqraa For Teaching Quran is fully based on websites and smart applications to suit the requirements of the reader and the management of the readers themselves, and the reading offers modern technologies for transmitting sound and image in high quality in addition to search options through its engine to facilitate the access process.


Hence, it is clear that The e-Maqraa is an online room that cares about the following:


  • Reading the Noble Qur’an with various readings and narrations and authorizing the sanad related to the Messenger.
  • Familiarity with the rules and provisions of intonation in order to teach the correct and elaborate recitation.
  • It offers Islamic lessons based on the Holy Quran and what helps to contemplate and glorify it in the hearts.


What are the goals and benefits of e-Maqraa?

There is no doubt about the importance of academic reading for teaching and memorizing the Holy Qur’an, and its importance is as follows:


  • E-Maqraa For Teaching Quran offers the opportunity to learn for all levels and age groups>
  • Not only memorize the Qur’an as it is in the lines but also instill its love in the breasts.
  • It adopts modern methods in teaching the Holy Quran and uses techniques and technology to facilitate the learning process.
  • It aims to raise awareness of the concepts of the Qur’an through the strategies and programs it makes available to readers.
  • It seeks to achieve the ultimate goal, which is to graduate students who are licensed and conclude all Quranic readings.


The reward and reward prevail to all those who support electronic reading because the Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) said: “The best of you is the one who learns and teaches the Qur’an.” [Saheeh, narrated by ‘Uthman ibn Affan]


Features of the e-Maqraa

One of the advantages of Quranic reading is that:


  1. It is a continuous recitation time.
  2. It does not close the door in the faces of learners and those wishing to learn the Holy Qur’an.
  3. It graduates certified reciters with ten major and minor readings.
  4. It works to qualify students who are the finalists of the Book of God and also gives them Quranic vacations from senior reciters.
  5. E-Maqraa For Teaching Quran provides Quran memorization circles.
  6. It saves time, effort, and money, all to learn and recite the Holy Quran perfectly.


e-Maqraa Systems Sections

e-Maqraa are divided into two types according to the systems followed:


1- Maqara or Academic

It is that institution that is requested by those wishing to learn the Holy Quran, and the administration works to equip it in a way that suits their needs in exchange for simple and reduced material costs and fees.


2- Search engine or platform

It allows the visitor to search for Maqraa or academies through the official website according to levels, age groups, and appropriate times, in addition to viewing the users’ evaluation of them.


Ways to register in the e-Maqraa

The registration mechanism in e-Maqraa is as follows:


  1. The student fills out the registration form according to the plans followed in the reading.
  2. The administration studies the application.
  3. A personal interview is scheduled.
  4. If approved, the student will be contacted.


In light of the urgent need to learn the Holy Quran, and while the electronic learning resources have varied, it has become easy to access e-Maqraa to teach the Holy Quran through websites or smart applications, as these readings shorten the way for learners, save them time and effort, and offer significant discounts suitable for all levels.


Perhaps Wahion Youha Academy is inspired by the leading institutions in this field, as it provides an e-Maqraa for teaching Quran reciter to teach and memorize the Holy Qur’an by the provisions and rules of intonation and frequent readings, and this is carried out by a group of specialists and licensed sheiks to achieve the supreme message of teaching the Qur’an and to facilitate Muslims everywhere.

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