Important Surahs of Quran Everyone Should Memorize

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Quran is the book of light, and it has the power to heal. The Holy Quran has so many benefits that one can’t even

count on them. The Quran itself has mentioned 89 verses that explain the purpose, aims, virtues, and blessing of the

Surahs Quran. This magnificent book is not just for believers, but it addresses the whole of humankind.

It has proven over the years that whenever you find yourself hurting or worried, just turn to the Quran and Allah.

The Light of the Quran will heal you in the way that you will find yourself better than ever. Although the Quran has

healing power and benefits as a whole, some Surahs are declared more rewarding by Hazrat Muhammad (SAW):

Surah Fatiha is a cure for all kinds of illnesses.

“You (Alone) we worship, and you (Alone) we ask for help (for each and everything).”

The recitation of Surah Baqarah flies away from Satan and protects your home from being a graveyard.

“You are our protector, so give us victory over the disbelieving people.”

Memorizing 1st ten ayahs of Surah Kahf will save you from Dajjal.           

“Verily, we have made that which is on earth an adornment for it, in order that We may test which of them are best in deeds.”

Surah Yaseen helps in the forgiveness of past sins.

“So Glorified is He and Exalted above all that they associate with Him, and in Whose Hands is the dominion of all things, and to Him, you shall be returned.”

Surah Mulk saves one from hell.

“He it is Who made the earth subservient to you. So traverse in its tracks and partake of the sustenance He has provided. To Him will you be resurrected”

Surah Ikhlaas is equal to reading one-third of the Quran.

“By Him in Whose Hand my life is, it is equal to one-third of the Quran.”

How Can They Help in Our Life?

Memorizing Holy Quran has always cast a positive impact on our lives. The positive vibes it puts in our lives is unmatchable. Memorizing these surah’s and Quran not only helps us in our religious life but also our worldly life. It has lessons for this world and the world hereafter. it helps us in different ways, among which a few of them are:

Rabbi Zidni Ilma [20:119]

This Ayah of Surah Ta-Ha gives a lesson on how we can enhance our learning skills. When we take learning sessions, we go through certain mental exercises that help us focus and learn things better. And we can memorize them for a longer time.

The Reward of Goodness Is Nothing but Goodness [55:61]

The Surahs of the Quran and especially Surah Ar Rahman teach us kindness and equality. It adds good morals to our lives. We learn nothing to be egoistic in human life, and all power belongs to Allah. Just be down to earth and be good to your human fellows. Make your life easy and simple.

Every Soul Will Taste Death [3:185]

Surah Ali’ Imran makes us realize that we all are mortals, and every Soul will taste Death. We don’t have to live here forever. So, just prepare yourself for the next life. And to have a good life hereafter, you have to do well in this life. Keep yourself away and protected from bad and evil things.

Be Patient, For Your Patience Is with The Help of Allah. [16:127]

This Ayah of Surah Nahl adds patience to our personalities, the most difficult of all the morals. By memorizing and reciting Quran, you learn how to be patient. And Patience is the main key to make one’s life easy.



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