Quran Academy Online

Quran Academy Online

The religious academy is one of the academies that offer several programs and original courses based on the Qur’an and Sunnah and with the understanding of the righteous predecessors, and we may find many who want to memorize the Qur’an and the provisions of intonation and strengthen linguistic exits and Arabic pronunciation, and there is a lot of search for Quran Academy Online to achieve this goal.


and in this article, we explain the meaning of Quran Academy Online and what are the best academies, with an emphasis on studying the Qur’an, managing it, and how to memorize it.


What is Quran Academy Online?

Quran Academy Online is a global facility that reaches different nationalities via the Internet and aims to teach and memorize the Qur’an with the help of elite reciters and specialists.


According to some, the phrase “Qur’an academies” refers to training facilities that specialize in offering a variety of training that hone individuals’ ability to memorize and enable them to overcome obstacles to memorizing.


What are the services of Quran memorization and teaching academies?

Quran Academy Online offers many services that help visitors to identify the goal followed and desired to be achieved from each service, and among the services on which Wahion Youha Academy Foundation is based are the following:


1- Holy Quran Teaching Service

The way to read the Qur’an and learn correctly is based on taking it from the sheik, where he learned the provisions of recitation and memorizing the Qur’an according to the decisions of the institution.


2- Arabic Language Teaching Service

This service is concerned with non-Arabic speakers in particular, as it provides them with simple and easy profiles to access authentic Arabic pronunciation, and this does not mean that this study depends on non-Arab nationalities, but also includes everyone, as learning Arabic is not limited to one group alone.


3- Tajweed Education Service

Quran Academy Online is interested in teaching the provisions of intonation in an easy and simplified manner, and intonation is a science by which you know how to pronounce the Qur’an as pronounced by the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, and it is taken from a sheik who has a license in that.


in this academy, there is a teacher of the Qur’an, Tajweed, and indoctrination online that saves you time and effort and facilitates the process of receiving, understanding, and comprehending all the provisions.


What is the best Quran memorization academy in the world?

Wahion Youha Academy is considered one of the best academies in the world in its specialization, which includes the Holy Quran, Tajweed, and teaching Arabic according to sound foundations, as it provides many advantages, which are:


  1. Simple online learning from the convenience of your home or office.
  2. A mobile phone, computer, or device that connects to the Internet can be used.
  3. The Academy provides online Quran memorization courses for children
  4. The Academy welcomes all levels, ages, and groups.
  5. It provides the possibility to choose the teacher / Sheikh at any time.
  6. The Academy includes all programs and courses in Tajweed, recitation, Islamic studies, and memorization methods.
  7. as well as remote Quran memorization workshops.
  8. It offers unbeatable prices.


Quran memorization prices online

The process of managing the Holy Quran circles is one of the complicated operations in our contemporary world due to the conflict of time, a large number of works, and the crowding of life with constant pressures and duties, and many are looking for a platform to teach the Quran remotely at unbeatable prices, and at Wahion Youha Academy, we achieve this demand and provide offers that suit everyone, namely:


2 hours a month
Half-hour class once a week

4 hours per month
Half-hour class twice a week

6 hours a month
Half-hour class three times a week

8 hours a month
Half an hour four times a week.

10 hours a month
Half an hour five times a week.

12 hours a month
One hour for the lesson three times a week


How to register in the Holy Quran memorization platforms?

You can register on any Quran online site by following some simple steps, and on this platform, you have the following:

Submission of the application includes:

  • First, enter the site.
  • Enter private information and data such as name, gender, nationality, place of residence, age, date of birth, phone number, and mail address,…
  • Choose a personal username and password and enter them to ensure that they are correct.
  • Click on the Agree to Terms and Policies box.
  • Confirm the verification code that you received by phone.
  • The student receives a letter by mail with a confirmation link.
  • The student presses it to activate his account successfully.


How do I study the Qur’an?

There are many ways to study, understand and confirm the Holy Qur’an and the aspirant to memorize the Book of Allah should follow the following:


1- The existence of a pure intention to memorize and study the Qur’an

and the ultimate goal of this is to obtain the satisfaction of God Almighty and get closer to Him, and this intention must include asking for help from God, so you should ask him for help and support to help you memorize the Qur’an.


2- With the intention

it is necessary to ask for forgiveness and distance yourself from temptations and suspicions, and to investigate honesty in your work, as it is not appropriate to memorize the Book of God committing sins and sins.


3- Closing the doors of laziness

the sincere determination to continue the path, and the availability of will and determination on this matter, may seem at first difficult, but soon the situation changes and God makes it easier for you.


4- Choosing the right time and place to study the Qur’an

memory is linked to time and place. Organizing your affairs is a necessary step to achieve this, and one of the most appropriate times to memorize, manage, and understand the


Qur’an is the hours of the firstborn, that is, the hours of dawn, where the mind and memory are activated at this particular time without others. Regularity and permanence are achieved by setting yourself a schedule in which you explain the hours and times that you will use to memorize and understand the Qur’an.


5- Daily review of what you’ve saved at the end of the day

supplemented by a weekly review. Linking what has been memorized to prayer, when performing the obligatory prayers, you have to read what you have memorized, as this method is effective in consolidating and confirming the verses that have been memorized, and it is also a good way to review what you have already memorized.


Last but not least, memorization is not just for indoctrination; it is also for understanding what one has memorized, reflecting on it, learning it by heart, and applying it. This is because the connection between sight and action improves memory and makes memorization easier.


Some find it difficult to access a Quran Academy Online for memorizing and teaching the Holy Quran due to the lack of sufficient space in light of the circumstances and pressures of daily life, some are looking for a nearby place or dates that suit the conditions of work and study, and this is now available when joining one of the academies specialized in memorizing the Qur’an via the Internet, such as Wahion Youha Academy.


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