Quran Memorization for Women

Quran Memorization for Women

Quran Memorization for Women is one of the acts of worship by which the slave approaches his Creator, and although it is an imposition of sufficiency, it is commendable for those who memorize it, as the Qur’an comes on the Day of Resurrection as an intercessor for its reader and keeper,


and there have been many Quran memorization circles remotely recently, and everyone, especially women, can memorize the Book of God without trouble or difficulties, and in this article, we review everything related to remote memorization episodes in more detail and explanation.


What is meant by remote Quran memorization circles?

The term remote Quran memorization circles mean how an individual can learn and memorize the Holy Quran without being restricted to a place or time, as these workshops are conducted through websites or social networking sites and are managed by a group of specialists and trusted sheiks who master the provisions of intonation and readings.


In these workshops, modern techniques and means are used to overcome obstacles for those wishing to learn, and religious lessons and programs are offered that meet the needs of the Muslim to know the teachings of his religion and the basics of his faith.


Why Quran memorization circles are dedicated remotely to women

In light of the complexities of life and the critical pressures we are going through, it was difficult for women to achieve balance in their lives, especially with regard to going out, learning and acquiring knowledge, so Quran memorization for women remotely was the radical solution to solve this issue,


given the many responsibilities that Muslim women bear and prevent them from achieving a full understanding of the provisions of Sharia and the basics of religion, these episodes were the key to their balance between this world and the hereafter, and in this point, we answer this question, why were these Episodes for women especially?


The Distance Quran Memorization Academy provides easy, flexible learning

that is not restricted by a place or time, where Muslim women can register in the academy, and then start learning without having to go outside their homes, where they can memorize the Qur’an according to the provisions of intonation while at home, whether by mobile, computer, or tablet.


Difficulty in obtaining information through specialized centers

Many Muslim women who want to memorize the Book of Allah and the provisions of intonation elaborately and properly suffer from difficulty in obtaining all the information related to their faith through specialized centers, so these platforms served as the way to obtain information and basics flexibly.


Remote memorization workshops save time, effort, and cost

as most of these platforms offer these sciences for free and do not restrict those wishing to learn to a specific place or time, in addition to that they do not require effort.


The woman is the pillar of the house

and she is the basis for every Muslim home, if the woman is at a sufficient level in the sciences of her religion, whether in memorization, understanding, or knowledge of the provisions of intonation and the foundations of Sharia, the Muslim home is more committed to these teachings and more applied to them, and this matter – undoubtedly – has an impact on society.


In light of the great problems and challenges we face, whether it is Quran memorization for adults or children, men or women, we have to return to the words of God and memorize them by heart and apply it in our daily lives.


How to attend Quran memorization sessions remotely by women who wish to do so

In the beginning, a woman who does not like to go out of the house, and is content only with learning and attending Quran memorization sessions inside her home, should follow the following steps:


  1. Go to one of the platforms based on the memorization of the Holy Quran by conducting memorization and registration workshops.
  2. Those wishing to learn through these episodes are then added to the platform.
  3. After the number is completed, one of the women supervising these workshops begins to introduce herself to those wishing to learn and get to know them.
  4. achieve the process of convergence and knowledge of different levels and age groups, and divide them according to this criterion.
  5. After that, a specialist in memorization is appointed for these women, and they start following them immediately.
  6. continuing the process of memorization and insight into their religion.


What are the advantages of remote Quran memorization workshops?

Many of the features offered by remote memorization workshops are available, and these features have a positive impact on those wishing to learn, and these features are as follows:


  • These episodes make it easy to record, as it doesn’t take much effort to record.
  • Do not be restricted to a specific place or time.
  • These circles save effort and time for women who find it difficult to leave the house due to the many responsibilities and burdens.
  • Openness to others, forming new relationships that help one when a setback, and good company is the key to survival.
  • Clarifying religious concepts, familiarity with the provisions of Tajweed, and familiarity with the meanings of the Holy Qur’an in detail.
  • The presence of an atmosphere of benign competition within these episodes.
  • Ease of registration and attendance in the episodes.
  • These episodes create a sense of accomplishment and tranquility due to the memorization and permanence of the Book of God.


Are there Quran memorization workshops for children remotely?

Quran memorization workshops are also available remotely for children, as many women find it difficult to send their children to learn the Holy Quran, and they prefer that this be done at home, and if parents have the desire to register their children in Quran memorization workshops,


it is necessary to fill out a form or form related to the child’s and his family’s data, and then it is sent by clicking on the send button to reserve a place for him.


After that, the children are classified according to age group, levels, and other abilities, so that the children are placed according to groups in these circles under the management of supervisors of sheiks and scholars who master the provisions of intonation and readings,


and the matter does not stop at learning the Holy Qur’an only but goes beyond that by teaching them matters of their religion and everything related to the true Islamic religion.


What are the conditions for registering in Quran memorization circles?

There are some conditions that must be met when registering for Quran memorization workshops, and this is a statement of them:


  • Ability to write and read.
  • Sincere determination and present intention to learn and memorize the Book of God.
  • The heartfelt presence of memorizing the Holy Quran.
  • Perseverance and serious commitment, and not taking it lightly.
  • Work to allocate the appropriate time for achievement in memorizing and understanding the Book of God.
  • Fighting for oneself, and distancing yourself from the insides of temptations and suspicions.
  • Avoid distraction in more than one academy to memorize the Holy Quran, and stick to one place.


Some women find it difficult to receive knowledge or memorize the Holy Quran, especially women who prefer to learn at home, and in Online Quran Teaching Academy Wahion Youha Academy, it only requires joining online and following up on everything new, as this academy provides teachers and specialists in the provisions of intonation, who are licensed in readings with the possibility of choosing the teacher or changing it quite easily.


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