The Holy Quran is Almighty Allah’s word which was revealed upon Prophet Muhammad by the Revelation Honest, the Angel Gabriel, ” Peace be upon Them”. The Creator has made the Holy Quran as the Miracle of miracles and dared all mankind to try their best to come up with something that is even close to the Holy Book, but they are absolutely unable to do it.


Besides, Almighty Allah has took it upon Himself to preserve the Holy Book from any fabrication and human-made changes or modifications to the content of it.


Without doubt, reciting the Holy Quran and memorizing its sacred verses lies at the heart of good deeds that all Muslims feel honored when reciting and learning the Holy Quran by heart.


Great scholars had memorizing the Holy Quran at their top priorities as they knew how important it is to learn it by heart and study its content thoroughly.


Therefore, Muslims at the beginning of the Da’ua


“the message of Islam” began teaching their children at an early stages  the Holy Quran because it was considered as number one when it comes to learning and gaining knowledge.


Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, a famous scholar who lived during the  Abbasid Caliphate, advised his companions to teach their kids all about the Quran right before learning the Hadith and other important issues.


Memorizing the Holy Quran is considered one of the most useful means that facilitate precisely understanding the real intention in the verses within their contexts. This, consequently, provides Muslims with a better understanding of the religion of Islam where they do what they should and avoid what they should not.



Scientifically speaking, numerous contemporary scientific studies have shown that reading regularly is one of the most essential reasons behind developing human mental abilities


hence, reciting the Holy Quran takes top priority when it is related to reading as it is the purest book ever with hundreds of miracles of both scientific and historical, with zero errors or contradictions. Reciting the religious verses of the Holy Quran empowers the memory as it is proven.


Prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon Him, described those who neglect reciting the Holy Quran as empty neglected houses, while those who are constantly reading have positive attitudes and behaviors in their lives. There are many benefits of memorizing the Holy Quran, some of which are :


1.. making the Muslim lives peacefully a happy, decent life.

2.. assisting the Muslim to get rid of sorrows and depression.

3.. protecting the Muslim from Satan’s temptations.

4.. increasing Muslims’ faith in their religion.

5.. gaining Allah’s satisfaction.

6.. expanding Muslims’ the religious culture.


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