The Holy Quran is a protection from all evil

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We are used to making reading Quran and Du’a to Allah SWT to guard a traveler from the dangers

of the journey and to protect them from harm, and that they return safely. In fact, we are all

travelers in this life; we get closer to death with every moment of life. There are many potential

harms and dangers which can harm us in this journey (life) so we need Allah’s protection and

safekeeping. the most valuable thing we might worry about in this journey is our faith that leads us

to Allah SWT be pleased with us.

Ibrahim (peace be upon him) said:

“Turn me and my children away from worshipping idols” and

Muhammad (peace be upon him) said:

“O, Allah! To You I have submitted, and in You do I believe,

and in You, I put my trust, to You do I turn, and for You, I argued. O Allah, I seek refuge with you

through Your Power; there is none worthy of worship except You Alone; that you safeguard me

against going astray. You are the Ever-Living, the One Who sustains and protects all that exists; the

One Who never dies, whereas human beings and jinn all die”

And amidst all these misconceptions, doubts, their dangers, and all the people who fell into them,

we are in huge need of praying to Allah SWT to protect us, our families, and our children from these

harms and preserves our faith and Imaan.

The Islamic culture

One of the most important topics in the Noble Quran is: (The Presentation of the Human Being) His

desires, his wills, and whims;  psychological urges and his inner drives; The things that keep him

steadfast, and those that demotivate him;  ability to be patient, and his breakdown and panic in

the face of calamities and hardships;  emotional reactions and inner conflicts when confronted

by evident truths that go against his personal gains; His courage and his cowardice; His generosity

and his stinginess;  righteousness and his sinfulness;  ignorance and his recklessness; His

self-restraint and his forbearance;  pride and his arrogance; His humbleness and his humility;

Furthermore, who is the presenter of this all? The Most Merciful, who is “All-Aware, All-Seeing of

His servants”. For indeed, He is the one who created this creature. How could He not know His

Own creation? For he [alone] is the Most Subtle, All-Aware.” So read the Quran in search of an

understanding of the human being, as I swear by Allah, that you will never find a worldly science

that presents the Human self, his desires, and mechanisms like the Quran. Knowledge about the

Quran = Knowledge about the human being the understanding of the words of the Lord of all

creatures = the understanding of the human soul.


No matter how much we feel in control of our own small worlds, we will always remain inherently

poor and weak. This poverty and weakness might be masked from the eyes of people by some

facades and different distractions might prevent us from seeing them. But then what? There have to

come times —whether short or long—in which this weakness is exposed. It would then jump out at

you, triggering an inner voice that would cry out asking you, “WHO ARE YOU?” Right then, an

ultimate, time-transcending truth becomes evident to the self: the fact that you are a poor weak

servant, powerless and incapable, and that you are in continuous need for Allah, the Self-Sufficient,

the Greatest, and the Highest. It’s a self-evident truth that touches the bottom of the heart no matter

how hard deniers try to reject it. At that point, people part ways and their feet slip. Either we slip

into desolation, disorientation, depression, and loss of meaning, or Allah provide us with a

connection to him… a connection full of warmth, satisfaction, tranquility, and faith…. a connection

that all the worldly appearances fall short of compensating for. Due to this connection, the soul

travels, freed from the adornments and the burdens of this world, towards complete trust in the

Guardian and the Praiseworthy, Exalted is He. At that time you remember, “Recognize and

acknowledge Allah in times of ease and prosperity, and He will remember you in times of adversity.”

It was the supplication of Prophet Yunus “There are none worthy of worship besides you. Glorified,

are you? Surely I am from the wrongoers.”

The Journey to memorize the Quran

1- Renew the intention, and believe in God Almighty.

2- Empty yourself for the Quran, and receive the Holy Quran with joy and repentance

3- Limit how much per day you can memorize.

4- It doesn’t have to end quickly, the important thing is that it ends well. Our elders used to tell us:

Son, at your convenience, does not rush, I want you to memorize the Quran perfectly by heart.

5- Take care of perfection!

6- Take care of revision, the constant revision is the pillar of conservation.

7- Listen to the great sheiks more: Al-Hosari, Al-Minshawi, Abdul Basit, Al-Banna, and Mustafa

Ismail, May God have mercy on them all.

8- Enroll in online Quran courses, it helps you to read or memorize or even listen to correct

recitation by proficient Quran tutors.

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9- Have the Qur’an accompany you, play the Qur’an audios by your side day and night, recite while

you walk and go, sleep to the sound of the Qur’an.

Before and after this: Remember why you memorized the Qur’an? And make all your work purely

intended to God. And remember The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, “The believer who recites the

Qur’an is like a citron whose fragrance is sweet and whose taste is delicious. A believer who does not

recite the Qur’an is like a date-fruit that has no fragrance but has a sweet taste. The hypocrite who

recites the Qur’an is like basil whose fragrance is so sweet, but its taste is bitter. The hypocrite who

does not recite the Qur’an is like a colocynth which has no fragrance and its taste is bitter.” God

bless you, God bless you.


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