Hadith Course

Wahyun Yuha Academy’s Hadith course will teach you everything you need to know about the science of hadith, which is regarded as one of the most important components of Sharia. If you want to learn more about the Prophet Muhammad’s words, you can use the Inspired Revelation’s course.

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What is Hadith?

Hadith refers to the record of the sayings, actions, and traditions of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, which, along with the Quran, form the basis of Islamic law and tradition. The Hadith literature provides insight into the life and teachings of Muhammad, and it is considered as a source of guidance and inspiration for Muslims.

Why should you enroll in the Hadith course?

The Wahiwah Academy is one of the best academies to rely on when you want to take a hadith course because it has a group of the most skilled professors who specialise in explaining everything related to hadith, and the price of the course is unique; additionally, the academy offers a lot of offers customers on all services.

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Why do you deal with us?


At the Academy, we provide accredited and documented certificates to confirm what you have learned through the Academy's skilled teachers


In the academy, we use secure payment methods, such as paying through a Visa card and other methods


Skilled specialists in giving all students one-on-one courses; This is to maximize the use of the annotated information


The academy contains a large number of teachers who are qualified to teach the Qur’an and the rules of intonation in addition to the Arabic language


We offer the service of providing information in one session only, through a group of skilled specialists.


We offer free trial courses in the field of Islamic sciences, the Qur’an and the study of the hadiths of the Prophet.

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