Tafseer Quran Course

The online Tafseer of the Qur’an course provided by wahyun Yuha is your best opportunity to learn the explanation of the Qur’an’s verses and to taste the beauty of its verses. This course is open to students of all ages and is appropriate for both Arabs and non-Arabs. This is to aid comprehension of the Quran.

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What do you learn through the course "Tafseer of the Qur'an"

You can learn to discover all the hidden meanings in the Qur’an through the course of Tafseer of Qur’an, and it is also an effective way to explain the text of the Qur’an and all its rules, and you can learn about the meaning of one word through this course, and you can understand this course. Through a group of teachers who are knowledgeable about the rules of interpretation of Quranic verses.

Why is the Quranic Tafseer Course Important?

he Quran Tafseer course offered by wahyun Yuha Academy is very important, because every Muslim should learn and understand the messages of the Holy Quran and act according to them. Of the teachers skilled in explaining and interpreting every verse.

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Why do you deal with us?


At the Academy, we provide accredited and documented certificates to confirm what you have learned through the Academy's skilled teachers


In the academy, we use secure payment methods, such as paying through a Visa card and other methods


Skilled specialists in giving all students one-on-one courses; This is to maximize the use of the annotated information


The academy contains a large number of teachers who are qualified to teach the Qur’an and the rules of intonation in addition to the Arabic language


We offer the service of providing information in one session only, through a group of skilled specialists.


We offer free trial courses in the field of Islamic sciences, the Qur’an and the study of the hadiths of the Prophet.

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