Are the long distances from the academy a problem to join Wahyun yuha?


Distances are not an issue because learning at the academy is done online, so you may learn and experience new things no matter where you are.


Can I recite the Noble Qur’an correctly without memorizing?

Yes, you can learn to accurately recite the Holy Qur’an from a group of teachers who are experienced in doing so. This will enable you to read the Qur’an.


Does the academy accept both males and females?

The academy does, in fact, have a full staff ready to educate both males and females, but only under the condition that they are kept apart from one another.


Does the academy teach Arabic reading and writing?

Yes, the academy, through its teachers, gives complete courses in teaching Arabic language and expressive skills. The academy also offers courses in the syntax of Quranic vocabulary.


Can old people learn at the academy?

Yes, through the academy, people of all ages are taught everything related to the Qur’an or the Arabic language.


Is a certificate provided to students upon completion of the Qur’anic conclusion?


You must feel entirely at ease interacting with the academy because all students receive certificates that have been certified by the Academy of Revelation upon finishing the Qur’anic conclusion.

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