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How do we memorize Quran for young children

Knowledge in childhood is like the inscription on stone memorize Quran.”

However, educating youngsters is not easy, especially in pre-school age, as they do not know the

system and do not adhere to it, and they love to play.

But first, we have to look for an answer to the question that baffles a lot of people for memorizing

the Quran :

When do we start to memorize Quran for the child?

Of course, there is no specific time for that, and it will not be too late to memorize the Quran or

strive to memorize it as long as the person is alive.

But when is the best time to start memorize Quran?

Some may say when the child enters kindergarten or school. or when the child reaches a certain age,

or they may say when the child begins to pronounce. or that we start memorizing the Quran from

his birth after he goes out into this world.

But in my opinion,

the best time to start memorizing the Quran for a child is from the beginning of his pregnancy in his

mother’s womb, and if we start before that, it will be better!

I believe that the mother is the cornerstone. and she has a great role in influencing her children

when they are young. and before she seeks to memorize the Quran for any of them. she must start

by inserting the Quran into her heart first.

By this,

I do not mean that she memorizes the Quran, but rather that she loves it. so that she ponders its

meanings, coexist with it and make it her way of life so that she enjoys reading and listening to it

day and night, so do not be burdened or complain about her time with it.

When the Quran enters the heart of the mother, everything else becomes easy,

God Almighty willing.

When the Quran enters her heart, the fetus takes it from her through food, blood. and oxygen, so the

love of the Quran enters his heart since its creation.

Then, when the fetus begins to hear external sounds (around the sixth week of pregnancy). it will

listen to the Qur’an if the mother reads it, or if she listens to it.

And when he goes out to this world, he can listen to the Quran as well. and breastfeed from his

mother’s milk, which was imbibed with the Quran.

It is beautiful for a child to grow up with the Quran since its creation, the most beautiful when the

mother begins early for his memorization of the Qur’an, the better for him,

God willing.

But the results may not appear until the child starts speaking.

When he begins to speak, it is natural that the first words he speaks are the words he previously

memorized and repeatedly heard.

How do we start to memorize Quran for a child?

Here are some practical methods, ideas, and tips that may help you when starting to memorize the

Quran for a child:

1- We start by giving models first:

The child needs to see his parents while they recite the Quran and memorize it, and also to see

people who love and respect them while memorizing the Quran.

It is not right that we are those who encourage good and do not do it. We have to memorize the

Qur’an and repeat our memorization abundantly, aloud, and in front of the child as much as

possible, and we will find that the child imitates us, God Almighty willing.

Or we can also make the child watch other children who are perfect in the Quran, to increase his

enthusiasm for memorization.

Note: A child at this age should not listen frequently to those who make mistakes in the Quran,

because he will memorize the Quran with those mistakes

2- Personal effort for the children to memorize the Quran:

Personal effort By not using devices, audio recordings, educational applications, or video clips such

as YouTube, and avoiding them as much as possible for the child at this early age.

Because I found it (although it is useful and helps to memorize), but it distracts the child a lot, so he

feels like playing with buttons and tampering with devices or trying to watch other videos, and he

quickly loses the desire to memorize.

In addition to the fact that too much reliance on devices harms the child’s eyes and causes his

addiction to them, especially for the young child who cannot control himself or his desires and does

not understand the harm of these devices on him.

And we found that our children memorized better and more diligently when we taught them by

ourselves without relying on the devices.

3- Memorizing Quran with the child:

It is nice for us to memorize the Quran with our children, and revise with them so that this would be

a Motivation for us and them, and for our Curriculum and effort to be one.

4- Reciting Quran by listening:

Sometimes, I find that I do not need to teach my child anything, rather all I have to do is repeat the

surah or the passage in front of her 10 to 15 times, and I find that my child memorized memorize

Quran as soon as possible as he listens to it.

5- Daily Continuity:

It is important to teach the child to adhere to the Quran, and not to neglect it, regardless of


Many people have difficulty maintaining continuity, not difficulty in memorizing. We will solve our

children, God willing, a lot of this suffering while continuing when we make the Quran an integral

part of their daily life from their childhood.

6- Starting with Al-Fatiha, the short surahs, and the verses of the supplications:

It is not necessary to start with the short surahs, as many Muslim children have proven their ability

to memorize the long surahs as well.

But it is easier to memorize a child at this age, the short surahs, starting with Surat Al-Fatiha, then

Al-Nas, Falaq and Al-Ikhlas, and the rest of Juz Amma upwards. Among the reasons why we prefer

for memorizing the Quran, starting with the short chapters that:

1-It is natural for Surah to be divided into small sections, suitable for the speed of the child’s

restlessness and loss of focus.

2- That it makes it easier for the child to understand the idea that the Quran is divided into

chapters, and that each surah has a name. And it will be difficult for him to understand that if we

start memorizing Surat Al-Baqarah, which needs to be complete in two and a half parts

approximately to reach the surah that follows The child:

3-learns that every surah begins with the Basmalah, “In the Name of God, the Most Gracious, and

the Most Merciful“.

4-feels accomplished when he finishes memorizing a surah.

5- He also feels excited when he starts a new surah.

7-Memorizing Quran the name of the surah first:

The child can memorize the name of the surah before memorizing the surah itself so that he knows

what he has memorized, distinguishes between the surahs, and so that he can start reading the

surah himself directly when we ask him to read it.

8-We choose the right place and time to memorize Quran:

Choosing a suitable place, away from people and noise, helps to keep your child from being

distracted. It is also important to choose the appropriate time for the child, if he is upset about

something or feels hungry or sleepy, he will not be ready to memorize Quran.

And I have found that the best time for memorization is after the child wakes up to be calm and in a

good mood. And when I tell him that I will play with him after he has memorized, he becomes more

enthusiastic about memorization, which will motivate him.

Choosing the right time also applies to us adults or the person doing the memorization Because if

the time is not right for us, and we are upset or in a hurry during the child’s memorization, we will

quickly lose our patience, get angry and fidget, and this greatly affects the child’s enthusiasm.

9- Observing the baby’s movement of the lips:

You must make sure that the child watches your lips while you read, especially when he starts a new

surah so that he learns the correct pronunciation of letters and words.

10- Teaching the child word by word:

The first time he recites the surah, we teach him only one word or two words at most. Reading a

complete verse distracts the child and makes it difficult for him to memorize, so he only remembers

the last word or two.

11- Interacting with the child while reading:

Such as nodding the head after every word he utters, encouraging and showing enthusiasm with

him, giving him the praise he needs when he finishes reading a verse or surah, and showing

enthusiasm and joy when starting a new surah. Because a child is usually influenced by the

enthusiasm of adults wonderfully.

12- Walking:

Walking (not running and playing) while the child is memorizing, or carrying him and walking with

him, or even placing him on a swing while teaching him to memorize Quran, makes the child bear

the time of memorization and Revision for a longer time, so he does not get bore quickly because of

his stay in one place.

13- Don’t interrupt while reciting the Quran:

The child gets distract a lot during memorization and Revision and tries to talk about other things

during recitation. but we have to teach him not to interrupt the Quran until he finishes reading the

surah or verse so that he learns to respect the Quran more.

14- Patience:

It is very important to be patient with your child, not get angry, fidget, or show it in any way,

because the child will feel this, and he will hate the time of memorization and link it with anger and


We must know that the journey of memorizing the Quran is full of obstacles, with which Satan

makes our way difficult, and tries to prevent us from memorizing the Quran.

Our children depend on God and then on us to help them overcome these obstacles, so we must

prepare for them and be patient with them.

15- Don’t despair:

Sometimes, the child faces difficulties in some surahs. but we should not despair or be burden with

memorizing them, because the child will feel this despair and be affect by it.

Difficulties will make it easier for him with frequent revision and repetition, God willing.

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