Allah’s protection to The Quran from any deterioration

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The language is the outstanding miraculous aspect of the Quran

“Nay! This is a Glorious Qur’an, [Inscribed] in a Preserved Slate.” Surah Al-Buruj: 21-22

The Quran also has not undergone any alterations whether additions or omissions.

It is a well-established fact that the Qur’an was written down as soon as it was revealed and that

many Muslims learned it by heart, Allah says to Prophet Muhammad:

“[O Muḥammad], do not hasten with the recitation of the Qur’an before its revelation is completed

to you, and say, “My Lord, increase me in knowledge.” Ta-ha: 114

The different readings of the Quran

The enemies of Islam try to cast doubts on the authenticity of the Qur’an by referring to the story of

different readings in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and Medina at the time of the Caliph Uthman ibn Affan.

As it’s well known, the Islamic State extended its borders to remote areas where there were huge

populations in different cultures.

The time taken to conquer these areas was short and did not suffice for cultural assimilation; for

instance, the language difficulties of non-Arabs who could not understand Islam at the time, but

contributed to the deterioration of spoken Arabic.

Not to mention the Arabs themselves who fought Islam after the Prophet’s death!

This shows that Islam was rooted firmly in Medina only.

The policy of the Caliph Umar ibn al-Khattab was to keep the companions of the Prophet at Medina.

But this meant that the conquered lands were empty of the sources of Islamic knowledge.

Nor need we dilate on the difficulties of communication and the inefficient ways of learning and

spread. In the light of these historical facts, we can confidently say that the different readings at

Syria, Iraq, and Egypt were not reliable. The only reading and copy which can be regarded as

reliable is the Medina copy which is the original one.

Zayd ibn Thabit Is the Transcribers of The Quran

It was Zayd ibn Thabit one of the original transcribers of the Quran at the time of revelation

After Muhammad’s صلى الله عليه وسلم passing, he was ordered to collect the Quran into a single volume

from various written and oral sources. He was a noted expert on the Quran and spent much time

reciting it. He is one of the committee learned companions, who supervised the great task of


There is no doubt that most of the companions who stayed at Medina learned the whole or large

portions of the Qur’an by heart, and there was no dispute at Medina about this particular topic.

Hence even non-Muslims can be sure and confident that the Qur’an is integrally preserved on the

the ground of these historical facts.

Allah protects The Quran from any deterioration

We Muslims believe that the Quran has been preserved by Allah Almighty. It has not undergone

any alterations whether additions or omissions.

If someone tried to change anything of it, then his attempt would be exposed to all Muslims so that

such mischief would prove futile because Allah tells the preservation in Quran He says:

“Indeed, it is We who sent down the message [The Qur’an], and indeed, We will be its guardian.”

Surah Al-Hijr: 9

This Verse is a challenge to mankind and everyone is obliged to believe in the miracles of this

Quran. It is a clear fact

that more than 1400 years have elapsed and not a single word of this Qur’an has been changed,

although the disbelievers tried their utmost to change it in every way, they failed miserably in their

efforts. As it is mentioned in this Holy Verse: “We will guard it.” By Allah! He has guarded it. On the

contrary, all the other holy Books Torah, The Injeel (Gospel).] Have been corrupted in the form of

additions or subtractions or alterations in the original text.

The legal evidence that God Almighty guarantees the preservation of the Noble Quran

1- Surah Fussilat Ayah: 41-42

“Those who disbelieve in the message of the Qur’an after it has come to them and indeed, it is a

mighty Book.

Falsehood cannot approach it from before it or from behind it; [it is] a revelation from a [Lord who

is] Wise and Praiseworthy?”


2- “And recite, [O Muḥammad], what has been revealed to you of the Book of your


There is no changer of His words, and never will you find in other than Him a refuge.” Surah Al-

kahf: 27

Saadi, رحمه الله translated the verse: Recite it, understand and follow its teachings and act on its

orders and preach it to men). None can change His Words, and none will you find as a refuge other

than Him.

3- “And you did not recite before it any scripture, nor did you inscribe one with your

right hand.

Then [i.e., otherwise] the falsifiers would have had [cause for] doubt. Rather, it is the Quran is

distinct verses [preserved] within the breasts of those who have been given knowledge. And none

reject Our verses except the wrongdoers.”

Surah – Al-‘Ankabut: 48-49

4- “This is the Book about which there is no doubt, a guidance for those conscious of


Surah Al-Baqarah: 2

Guidance to those who are Al-Muttaqun [the pious believers of Islamic Monotheism who fear Allah

much (abstain from all kinds of sins and evil deeds which He has forbidden) and love Allah much

(perform all kinds of good deeds which He has ordained)].

5- It was reported that Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) while delivering a sermon one day, said:

“Allah looked towards the people of the world and He showed hatred for the Arabs and the non-

Arabs, but with the exception of some remnants from the People of the Book. And He (further) said:

I have sent thee (the Holy Prophet)

in order to put you to test and put (those to test) through you. And I sent the Book to you which

cannot be washed away by water, so that you may recite it while in the state of wakefulness or

sleep.” Sahih Muslim.

The language of ancient Arabs

The Qur’an was revealed more than 1,400 years ago at Mecca and Medina. The Arabs used to

worship idols of stones of which the most important ones were set in the Ka’bah.

The Arabs lived a simple life, though it was savage in many aspects such as the exposition of 

 children because of poverty.

They were proud of their language and justifiably so since Arabic is a very rich and sophisticated

language till now.

Poets and orators were almost the idols of their tribes. Poems were read by rote, and annual poetry

or literary competitions were held at a place called Suq Ukaz. Thus, the Arabs became past masters

at the art of literature. The Qur’an came and its miracle was language and literature. The Qur’an was

a challenge, challenging them to produce a similar Quran.

The virtues of memorizing the Qur’an

Whoever memorizes the Holy Quran and acts upon it, Allah will reward him greatly, so that he will

rise in status in Paradise to a level commensurate with what he memorized of the Book of Allah.

Abdullah ibn Amr narrated that the Messenger of Allah said: “The Hafiz-e-Quran (a person who has

memorized Quran) will be said on the Day of Judgment: Recite and rise in status, recite as you used

to recite in the world, for your status will be at the last verse that you recite.”

When a reciter of the Quran enters into Heaven, it will be said to him:

‘Go up one level for every verse that you can recite.’ Prophet Muhammad (s) has said, “The number

of levels in Heaven is (equivalent to) the number of verses in the Quran. Thus, no one will be in a

higher level than the one who has memorized the entire Quran.”

Imam Ali (as) has also said, “Recite the Quran and seek assistance from it for surely Allah the

Highest will not punish one who has memorized the Quran (and has it within one’s heart).”

Of the things that help to memorize the Quran, Reading to an elaborated Quran Teacher, because

correcting mistakes take precedence over memorizing the Qur’an, and it is incumbent on the learner

of the Quran to realize that he is exposed to mistaken, and his duty when mistakes occur, to learn

the correct way of reading and master what his sheik or Quran teacher teaches him.

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