Why should every Parent teaching Quran to their Children

Why should every Parent teach Quran to their Children 1

For example, the Quran, the holy book of  Islam, has been revealed upon humankind as divine light, a source of

knowledge, inspiration, a guide to living in this world, and hereafter. The text of the Quran consists of 6236 verses

arranged in30 sections.

For example,

Memorization of these verses is regarded as virtuous practice in Muslims, an act of worship and obedience to God.

From a very tender age is a child is encouraged to read, listen, and remember these Holy verses with the hope of

becoming pious, honest, virtuous, and kind being ahead of life as an ultimate way to go close To Allah.

Beyond these expectations, the Quran memorization also benefits people in his or her physical life towards a

healthy, contended, disciplined personal and professional life.

For example,

Teaching Quran memorization is promised to be rewarded by divinity and has lots of health and social benefits in

this world as well. One can observe the benefits of the Quran recitation and memorization in every aspect of his or

her life. Teaching Quran is not only moral values but is for those fundamentals on which a satisfied, organized,

and happy life is based.

The Quran is not just a book for someone who follows Islam, but it is a light for every living being in this world. Let’s

see the benefits of the Quran memorization for Children and adults.

For example,

Benefits of Quran Memorization for Children

Boost Brain Health and Increases the IQ in Children

IQ testing is a method to understand how fast the human brain is working by understanding the concept of working

memory. This working memory is sharpened with more and more memorization and recalling practice.

This working memory keeps on increasing with the new information feed into the brain and retained there. Various

studies have shown that memorization of the Quran by children during their tender age increases their cognitive

intelligence by sharpening their working memory.

A Positive Correlation Established Between the Quran Memorization and Improvements in School

Education and Learning.

Both religion, as well as formal education, plays a vital role in a child’s life as an individual. Religious education

given to a child from an early age becomes the foundation to facilitate formal education in schools.

The Quran memorization gives support to a child during the start of its formal education in schools. This

memorization leads to a focus on details over the listening and recalling practice, which improves the working

the memory of the child.

For example

Improved working memory helps children to enhance their cognitive skills, which ultimately helps them to

comprehend complex subjects like maths and physics easily.

For example

It shows how memorization of the Quran ends towards better cognitive and intellectual effects on formal school and

college education and can become the first step towards the education of a child.

Automaticity in Memorizing ability with the Quran Memorization Practice


A child became familiar with the techniques of teaching the Quran, memorizing, and retrieving the stored

information as and when required from a very early age due to the Quran memorization. This memorization is very

much needed when a child learns the first letters for various subjects by almost memorizing and retrieving them

again and again until this process becomes automotive.

For example,

This atomicity helps children to focus more on themes and concepts which are essential for analysis and

comprehensive research skills in formal education.

Disciplined and More Social-Oriented Being

Memorization of the Quran helps the child to get familiar with the family bonds and morality. Familiarity with

moral values make him or her a disciplined person, who knows about the duties, responsibilities of his or her

family and society at large.

For example,

The Quran teachings also provide the concepts about social justice, gender justice, laws, ethics, wealth, finance,

nature, maintenance of relations, and moral conduct towards humans and animals as well.

These teachings help children to differentiate between good and bad practices from the very early stage of life. They

recall and practice these teachings throughout their life as guidance and could serve society more positively as a

contributor, not as a destructor on earth.

Benefits of the Quran memorization among adults

Quran Memorization and the Socio-Cultural Life

Memorization of the Quran is believed to be a testimony of faith by Muslims. Hence, higher memorization gives an

enormous psychological boost to the believer, which results in a high level of contentment, happiness, positive

attitude, calm, and encouragement to perform positive tasks in life.

For example,

So memorization of the Quran and retrieving it from time to time will make you a psychologically happy person

with faster memory. It gives you guidance and consoles you at times of anxiety and hopelessness in life.

Memorization of the Quran is like a way to remember God, which assures you to have that Someone, the All-Mighty,

always beside you. This feeling comforts the soul and mind never to lose hope and keep going on in life instead of

any hurdles.

For example,

This positivity, hope, and encouragement give energy to the believer to sail through difficult situations with ease

without panic and anxiety, which creates more problems than solve any.

For example

Health Effects of the Quran Memorization

There is a strong relationship between Quran memorization and reduction in the chances of many lifestyles and

chronic diseases such as Depression, Hypertension, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Diabetes, and Heart Stroke. Listening

to the Quran and memorizing it increases the mental health score and anxiety in cardiac patients.

A study done in Indonesia on cardiac patients revealed the direct positive relationship between Quran

memorization and a better quality of life for cardiac patients.

For example,

Therefore, are fewer chances of sleep disorders among memorizers of the Quran and a high level of mental health,

which is essential for coping with stressful situations and ultimately leads to better problem-solving strategies.

Improves creativity with Efficient and Fast Learning

Memorization of the Quran improves the working memory because one gives focus on each detail while learning

and listening, which increases the efficiency of the temporal area to retain and recall more and more information

easily. This practice helps to get and process other information fast by memory and makes a person more creative

and fast learner.

In conclusion

Therefore Quran memorization is regarded to give physical, mental, moral, spiritual strength, and well-being.

which is essential to living in wholeness now and hereafter.

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